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HTC One M8 has its build quality tested with a big hammer

Here's a poser for you: What happens to the new HTC One M8 if you hit it with a (not necessarily new) hammer?

Now you're thinking this is something of a double bluff. Obviously it doesn't break, right?

Does that fabulous build quality and sturdy aluminium case shrug off blows without a second thought, perhaps causing the – gasp – head of the hammer to fly off?


Does the display stand firm, while magic pink ethereal fluffy bunnies come pouring forth from the Boomsound speakers, wagging their fingers at you in unison, warning you against the dangers of first degree smartphone-cide?

No, they don't.

So what does happen? Well, it does break, of course... eventually. But the display manages to survive some fairly hefty hits before the Techsmart experimenter turns the hammer around, and uses the claw to crack the screen.

The M8's display also stands up very well against key scratching, and indeed knife scratching, remaining pretty much unmarked (though the same can't be said for the rear).

Watch the video above (which TechRadar spotted) to see for yourself.

And if you got yourself an HTC One M8... don't try that at home.

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