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Lithium Technologies grabs itself more social Klout for $200mn

Social-focused customer services firm Lithium Technologies has acquired Klout.

We reported on this one last month, when Re/code's sources said a deal was in the offing to the tune of a low nine-figure sum (i.e. more than $100 million, or £60 million).

Well, according to Fortune, that deal has now gone through at a value of almost $200 million (£120 million) consisting of a mix of cash and Lithium private stock. This isn't actually official yet – but an official announcement is expected later today.

Klout, if you haven't heard of it, is a startup which measures social media engagement – with some 200TB of data crunched to date, to that end – and also gives advice on how to expand social media influence. Handily, both Lithium and Klout are based in San Francisco, so they might even use the same sandwich shop at lunchtime.

Klout has had something of a chequered history, with its social scoring scale being called into question at times – but Lithium evidently sees plenty of value in the startup. Lithium's social customer experience software, which aims to imprint brands more deeply in the customer's mind, is used by a number of large companies including HP and PayPal.