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Mobile app of the day: Swype

When it comes to text entry not all smartphones are equal. Smaller screens can make for cramped keyboards, and if you've got large hands the problem is compounded. Keyboards on some smartphones are better designed and easier to use than others. If you have trouble with your Android device's keyboard, it might be worth taking a look at Swype as an alternative. Actually, even if you really like the default keyboard, Swype is still worth testing. It is so good that some handset makers include it by default.

The key to Swype is that you don't have to prod each key individually to make a word. Instead you run your finger over keys and the app registers each one and predicts the word you want. Its word prediction is really good – and the more you use it, the better it gets because it remembers words you use. The latest version can even be set to update itself with popular new words identified by crowd sourcing.

Customisation options help you fine tune things to your own preferences so you can achieve even greater speed. And since it was bought by speech-to-text specialists Nuance, Swype has also been equipped with a dictation mode that I find works really well.

Click here to download Swype for Android.

Product: Swype

OS: Android

Price: £2.42