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Will Box's IPO succeed? New products launched aimed at developer market

Cloud collaboration and storage company Box has revealed two new platform products at its in inaugural developer conference following a recent IPO.

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Named Box View and Metadata, the latest offerings are designed to help enterprise customers and developers create apps for their businesses. Box View converts Microsoft Office and PDF documents into HTML, while MetaData will help users attach information to stored data.

Developers using the former will be able to build custom document viewers for web and mobile platforms, as well as immersive experiences around their content, according to CloudPro.

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MetaData had previously been introduced as a private beta at BoxWorks in September 2013, but has now been shifted to public beta for outside developers.

CEO of Box, Aaron Levie, said: "Every business in the world today is transitioning from legacy solutions to cloud services that help their workforce be more agile, collaborative and competitive."

Box also introduced new pricing plans for its APIs which scale depending on the amount customers use the services and any current subscription plans in place.

Levie added: "This presents a significant market opportunity for entrepreneurs and developers to create a new generation of software and Box has the opportunity to be the platform that powers this ecosystem."