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Microsoft CEO plots cloud and mobile first policy going forwards

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella has outlined the company’s cloud and mobile first policy stating that a user is only as good as the device they have on hand.

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Nadella, who yesterday announced the arrival of Office for iPad, penned a blog post that stressed the cloud and mobility should be considered one entity going forwards, each one fundamental to the success of the other.

“I don’t think of the cloud and mobile as two things. They are two facets of one thing. The cloud was created to enable mobility. And mobile devices are really uninteresting without the cloud,” he said. “That’s why I talk about them together. Mobile without cloud is limiting. The cloud without mobile is mostly latent potential. But the place where they meet is magic. And in the full arc of time, we will get to a world of ubiquitous computing and ambient intelligence that powers all our daily experiences.”

Nadella went on to say that having an incompatible device shouldn’t limit a user and this is one of the major reasons that Microsoft eventually relented and brought Office to the iPad.

“A great idea shouldn’t have to wait for you to get back to a particular device. An impromptu call with a customer shouldn’t be delayed because you don’t have the right data on hand. Life moves too fast to put limits on where and how you work. Just as the best camera is the one you have with you, sometimes the right device is the one closest at hand. Simply put, our vision is to deliver the best cloud-connected experience on every device,” he added.

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Nadella’s blog post came off the back of his first public appearance as CEO yesterday when he unveiled a new version of the Office productivity suite for the iPad that could help it to bring in billions of dollars in revenue.