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4 of the best security apps for your iPhone

There are a number of security utilities available for the iPhone which can be useful for various purposes. We've highlighted four such apps here, which take care of all sorts of duties including managing your passwords, parental control, and even protection from dodgy QR codes (yes, believe it or not, these exist).

LastPass Premium (£7 per year)

LastPass is our top choice for both free and premium password managers, and if you subscribe to the premium service, you get the app looking after your passwords on the iPhone. It's an excellent program, and also fills in online form data for you automatically. The latest version saw some UI tweaking, too.

K9 Web Protection Browser (free)

This is a Safari-like browser which provides a safe surfing environment for your kids. It's been around for a long time, and this app is free, although there is an ad bar. It blocks adult sites, potentially malicious sites, and other kinds of dodgy places on the web.

NQ Vault (free)

NQ Mobile Vault is an easy way to securely hide your most private photos, videos, text messages, and contacts, from snooping friends and lovers. It's free, but there's also a premium version priced at £1.49 which backs up your hidden files to the cloud (securely), and even disguises itself as a camera app, so no one will know about your secret data vault (a bit like the old safe behind the painting trick).

Norton Snap QR Code Reader (free)

Yes, even QR codes can contain malware. If you snap a lot of them, or are curious to try, download this lightweight scanner that not only scans for fake, malicious bar codes, but also blocks malicious websites from automatically loading on your device. Neat, huh?