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How to take screen grabs with your PlayStation Vita

Did you know that Sony's PlayStation Vita has a built-in screenshot utility that lets you snag gameplay stills? It's a nice tool to have on hand when you want to capture a triumphant moment, or an instance of a human or CPU opponent delivering copious amounts of ownage.

The screenshot feature is not readily apparent, but it's extremely simple to access, though some games burn a watermark onto the grabs.

Here's how to take screenshots on your PS Vita.

Step One: Insert a memory card into your PS Vita. You'll be unable to save screenshots without it.

Step Two: Simultaneously press the PS button and the Start buttons.

Step Three: "Saving..." will appear on screen as the PS Vita saves the image to your memory card. This can take a few seconds.

Step Four: Back out to the PS Vita home screen.

Step Five: Enter the "Photos" area. Bam! You should see your screenshot.

That's it! Simply connect the PS Vita to your computer and use the (rather clunky) Content Manager to transfer the image (or images) to your desktop.