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5 great camera apps for your iPhone

The iPhone is pretty smart when it comes to photography. In our recent smartphone camera shootout, the iPhone 5S did very well when facing down the new HTC One M8 (and indeed the Moto X). Of course, the pictures you snap can always be improved further still with the use of a good app or two – and fortunately, we've got five sterling options on offer for you here. The majority of them are free, as well – so get downloading, and get creative.

Adobe Photoshop Express (free)

Available for both iOS and Android, Adobe Photoshop Express is a great tool for making light photo edits on your phone. Simply drag your finger across the screen to crop, rotate, adjust colours, and add artistic filters like soft focus, sharpen, or sketch. The app also lets you change the photo's exposure, saturation, tint, and contrast, and much more besides.

Camera+ (£1.49)

Camera+ helps your pictures look even better by offering advanced shooting options including Timer and Burst modes, touch focus, touch exposure adjustment, and 6x digital zoom. After you shoot, there are loads of editing options including the ability to rotate and crop, add borders, captions, and apply Instagram-like effects. When you're all done, you can share your shots easily across the major social networks.

Photosynth (free)

Microsoft's free Photosynth app brings a 3D feel to your photos by letting you capture up to 360 degrees around you. One of the easier-to-use panorama apps, just pick a starting point and sweep the camera right, left, up, or down. When you hear a beep, stop, and your image is captured. Keep this up until you've framed everything you want in the shot. Once you're done, Photosynth stitches your images together so you can share them on Facebook or Twitter, plus the app has its own community.

Instagram (free)

This is one app that's easy to recommend – it's popular for a reason. Instagram lets users take photos, apply filters, and share them on social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, Tumblr, and Flickr. Custom filters give photos a retro and vintage feel, and playing with Instagram is just plain fun.

PowerCam (£1.49)

PowerCam offers all manner of effects, and is a great app for those who really like messing around with their photos in as many ways as possible. It also boasts eight different camera modes (including time lapse and anti-shake), live preview, and video effects too.