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6 of the best free media management utilities for your PC or Mac

When it comes to organising your music, or other media in general, there are some great pieces of software out there – some of which are completely free. We're rounding up some of our favourites here, including the more obvious such as iTunes, but really focusing on some more obscure names that you (probably) won't have heard of.

Apple iTunes (Windows, Mac)

Apple's iTunes remains our top pick for its heady combination of media management, sharing, and shopping. You can't beat the store Apple has built, and it's a requirement if you're one of the millions with an iPhone, iPad or iPod.

Clementine (Windows, Mac, Linux)

Clementine will organise your music, play Internet radio (including Spotify) and CDs, create playlists, transcode audio, edit tags, and even copy tunes to your iPhone or iPod.

DoubleTwist (Windows)

DoubleTwist will import all your data from iTunes, not just the songs and videos but also playlists and ratings. You can also build your own music library from scratch, and then sync it with non-Apple devices.

Data Crow (Windows, Mac, Linux)

When your library of photos, music, video, eBooks, and free software is out of control, Data Crow is a must. It gets info from online sources, like Amazon and IMDB, to keep track of it all.

Miro (Windows, Mac, Linux)

Open source Miro is a desktop player and converter ready to sync content with mobile devices, specifically Android devices, after you download that content via BitTorrent or get it from YouTube, podcasts or other sources.

TagScanner (Windows)

When TagScanner manages music, it gets in there deep, allowing you to control placement tags, rename the media database and files, make new playlists, and, of course, actually listen to the tunes.

For more smart free software options (and how they stack up to commercial software), see our best free apps versus top paid-for apps article.