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Citrix tempts businesses with GoToMeeting Free and MS Office document editor for iOS

Citrix has started to offer a free version of its GoToMeeting video conferencing tool to Google Chrome users in order to try and assist small to medium sized businesses [SMBs] in maximising profits.

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GoToMeeting Free is an add-on for Google Chrome that lets users connect through the cloud-based video conference tool just as long as only three people need to use it at any one time.

Citrix stated that the new product will be a boon for SMBs that will be able to drive profits thanks to the benefits that come from the flexible working that GoToMeeting can provide companies.

Flexible working is something that many SMBs have been looking at for some time and a YouGov survey commissioned by Citrix in June 2013 found that half of the UK executives it questioned had seen a 30 per cent rise in productivity by letting employees use personal devices to complete tasks.

The firm has also created a free iPhone and iPad app called ShareFile QuickEdit that allows users to create and edit Microsoft Office documents and firms up its decision to introduce an Office editor to its ShareFile service this time last year.

“People want to do more than just consume content on their mobile devices; they want to create and edit content whenever inspiration strikes,” Michele Pavone, senior product manager of mobile at Citrix, told Cloud Pro. “By introducing ShareFile QuickEdit for free, we are extending high-fidelity Office editing to even more people and advancing productivity on iPads and iPhones.”

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Both GoToMeeting Free and ShareFile QuickEdit are available now and Citrix will be hoping that by releasing the free apps it can drive businesses to move up a tier to the paid versions of both ShareFile and GoToMeeting that have vastly enhanced features.