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LG G2 Mini priced, due to land in the summer?

We first spotted the LG G2 Mini when it was unveiled at MWC, and we got to take it for a quick hands-on spin, but some news has now emerged on the European price, and the launch schedule for the device. reports that the device will be on sale in Russia come April, so it should be on shelves within the next couple of weeks, we'd imagine. This will be followed by a major rollout across Europe, Africa and Asia, with the UK getting the phone amongst that lot.

No exact timescale is given for this broader rollout, so while the UK might see the G2 Mini arrive in May, we could be waiting until summertime hits.

As for the price – according to Eurozone retailers and a currency conversion, that will be around the £300 mark (no official UK price has been announced yet, mind).

If it's anything near that price bracket, though, it's going to be something of a tough sell compared to that paragon of budget Android goodness, the Moto G (which has been selling up a storm according to the latest figures on the UK smartphone market we just reported on).

The G2 Mini's spec isn't that great on the display front, with a 4.7in, 960 x 540 screen – which pales in comparison to what the Moto G offers (4.5in, 1,280 x 720) – although it equals Motorola's effort with a 1.2GHz Snapdragon 400 CPU and 1GB of RAM. If the G2 Mini is double the price, though, it's not difficult to see how this particular battle of the phones will play out...

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