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Apple iPhone 6 display production to start in May, but larger 5.5in model delayed

Apple's suppliers are expected to begin cranking out iPhone 6 displays as of May, before the launch of the device this autumn – but the rumoured larger sized next-gen iPhone might suffer from delays.

This is the latest from Reuters' sources, who say that the 4.7in iPhone is going to be produced first, with the larger phablet-sized 5.5in screen facing the potential delay, according to those in the know in the supply chain.

The delay, which will allegedly run to several months, is apparently due to complications with Apple's in-cell panel tech and the much bigger screen – things aren't working out too well by the sounds of it, as the sources say Apple is considering a shift to a film sensor rather than in-cell for the 5.5in model.

As you'll likely be aware, rumours of the iPhone coming out in two larger models have been circulating for a while now – and we recently reported on Nikkei confirming that production is ready to spin up for 4.7in and 5.5in models.

Apple's current 4in iPhone is looking decidedly small next to the Android giants which are now commonly tipping 5in and well over (6in in some cases), so Apple is looking to get even, size-wise, and also up the resolution (naturally – Cupertino could hardly be left behind in the ppi race, either).

Reuters' sources also revealed that LG, Sharp and Japan Display have been enlisted when it comes to producing the iPhone displays. Again, this ties up with the previous report from Nikkei, which mentioned the latter two (although not LG), and said mass production was due to start between April and June.

So May would certainly seem a fair bet – but bear in mind these are still rumours, even if the weight of them is certainly increasing.