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BAFTA plumps for Rackspace’s public cloud in battle to handle traffic spikes

Rackspace has been signed up by the British Academy of Film and Television Arts [BAFTA] to handle its websites during the busy awards season and use its public cloud capabilities to cope with the significant spikes in traffic that occur.

The open cloud company will use its affordable public cloud to power a variety of different websites, boost the firm’s online presence and make sure that the Awards section of the site can handle the peaks experienced when the ceremony takes place.

Under the terms of the agreement, BAFTA made a complete transfer to a fully optimised cloud platform that is constructed using open standards and it also uses Rackspace’s public cloud to manage its external online services. In addition, the BAFTA central website is being rebuilt and will be launched on Rackspace’s cloud in late summer 2014.

BAFTA worked together with Rackspace during the 2014 BAFTA Awards and the age-old institution was impressed by how well the public cloud specialists handled the traffic.

“After switching to Rackspace, busy periods such as during the 2014 British Academy Film Awards and Games Awards were a great success,” said Kevin Price, COO of BAFTA. “Our dedicated Rackspace team manually monitored web traffic so capacity was scaled up and then back down again in real time. Where previously our site has occasionally underperformed during peaks in traffic, we’re pleased to say that we received 100% uptime during our busiest season of the year and the excellent support we received from the Rackspace team was a huge reassurance on Awards night.”

Rackspace has also provided BAFTA with a dedicated Cloud Specialist, which is a resource that assists with the deployment of its websites and lets the onboarding process run smoothly within the cloud.

The servers Rackspace is providing have 8GB of RAM and higher performance that will give BAFTA substantial savings going forwards, especially when the new site launches in the summer.