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HTC One M8 mini will arrive in May

Is that the patter of tiny smartphone feet we hear? It surely is, as apparently an HTC One M8 mini is on the way to the UK – and due to arrive next month, directly in the wake of M8 itself going on sale last week.

To say this is no great surprise is probably the understatement of the year – it's now very much in vogue to knock out a mini model, and indeed with the original HTC One, the company pushed out both a mini and a super-sized Max version.

The HTC One M8 mini will pitch up in May, so reports, with its source being a mobile retailer in the UK.

Other details are scant, but there are some rumours on the spec front, with the mini set to have a 4.5in display apparently, 0.5in smaller than the One M8. Its predecessor had a 4.7in screen which was scaled down to 4.3in for the mini model, so this sounds about right – but there's no word on the resolution.

HTC will keep the same build quality and aluminium unibody, as you would hope – but the fancy Duo camera which allows for post-shot manipulation and tricks will be replaced by a standard rear camera, the report states.

We're thinking that's a good thing, because the big attraction of a mini version is often the mini price – so if HTC can drop some tech that not everyone will miss, and seriously try to get the price tag down, that has to be a good thing.

All this comes with the usual caveats (salt, rumour mill, whims of the mobile Gods), but with any luck if the compact M8 is due to land next month, we'll hear some official details on it soon.