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Lenovo targets thrifty consumers with new range of Android slates starting at £99

Lenovo is launching a new line of Android tablets that offer a wide-range of configurations to suit every consumer’s individual needs.

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The four new slates are each geared to a different level of consumer and start off at less than £100 for the entry-level model.

The A7-30, the entry-level tablet, is designed to offer an audio experience that is not normally seen on an affordable 7in tablet. It achieves this through Dolby-enhanced dual-front speakers, is powered by a quad-core processor and can be fitted with a SIM card if mobile data is required.

Next up is the A7-50 that is described by Lenovo as a multimedia reader geared towards those that want to read content on-the-move. It has a 7in, wide-view HD display that is specifically designed to enhance text and web pages. Under the hood there is a quad-core processor and a 2-megapixel front-facing camera as well as one on the rear. A lower-spec version, the A7-40, is also available and has 8GB of onboard memory and a front-facing camera only.

The A8 claims to offer “home entertainment on the move” through an 8in HD display, Dolby audio technology and a quad-core processor, with a number of different colour options available.

Lastly, the A10 is the largest and most powerful of the range with a 10.1in HD display, Dolby dual front speakers and a quad-core processor

“Our Android family of tablets will appeal to users around the world as we’ve built our products to be highly flexible to serve multiple needs and budgets,” said Shan Tao, VP of Lenovo and head of mobile BU.

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All four tablets are set to go on sale around the world in Q2 2014 with the A7-50 starting at £99.99, the A8-50 available from £139.99 and the A10-70 priced from £169.99, the A7-30 pricing currently not known.