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Mobile app of the day: Flying

Some people travel by plane an awful lot. If you are one of those people, perhaps you are interested in applications that help you keep an eye on air traffic. For iPhone users, Flying could be really handy.

Flying is an air travel app with social and fun elements tacked on. It can tell you how far you have flown – in miles and kilometres, and in terms of days and weeks too, keeping a running tally on screen. It shows when your next scheduled flights are coming up – and maintains your flight history too. Usefully, Flying gathers information about your flights, so that if there have been delays or other reasons why you might be entitled to compensation, it will let you know.

And that social element? Well, you earn stamps as you travel, for things like distance racked up, number of flights, and types of planes used – they look a bit like old fashioned passport stamps. And there is Twitter and Facebook sharing, of course.

Okay, Flying is not the app for everyone. But if your life seems punctuated by business flights here, there and everywhere, or indeed if you spend a lot of time jetting around for personal reasons, Flying might give you that little something extra.

Click here to download Flying for iOS.

Product: Flying


Price: Free