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MyQuickCloud offers two-step cloud movement for SMBs

Companies needing a helping hand in setting up their IaaS virtualisation have a friend indeed with MyQuickCloud, a startup that claims to offer cloud services in just two clicks.

According to the firm, its offerings are different to other remote desktop services due to the fact that it virtualises applications and desktops for multiple users, rather than simply copying an office PC.

Productivity is the name of the game to MyQuickCloud, which reckons that its approach to cloud services will enable increased collaboration.

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"A simple 'two click' process puts users, desktops and applications into the cloud, so that team members can remotely access virtual desktops and the applications they need, such as Excel or QuickBooks, from any device," said the firm's chairman, Didier Sellier.

There are three grades available for potential customers: Standard, Pro and Enterprise. Each is separated by the amount of users, applications and support needed.

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Standard offers only one user and two apps for £10 per month, while Pro will cost £18 a month per user and will include five users and five apps.

Enterprise, the beefier of the bunch, costs £25 a month per user and has no limitations on the amount of apps used.

CEO of MyQuickCloud, Talal Choucair, said, "MyQuickCloud brings simple, worry-free computing to the SMB market, so that the IT infrastructure acts as an enabler rather than a barrier to meeting the growth ambitions of the business."