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Survey points to multi-provider future for the UK cloud market

We've got another survey in today, this time on the cloud market, which indicates that UK businesses are in something of a state of flux when it comes to the cloud.

The survey, which took in 100 representatives of "commercial organisations" and over 200 staff members, was commissioned by Adapt and conducted by EasyInsites, and found that 75 per cent of UK firms used the cloud in the running of their business.

62 per cent of businesses were found to use more than one provider, and 53 per cent of respondents agreed that one cloud supplier could not do it all. Adapt notes that a successful business cloud strategy encompasses more than one provider.

The survey also found that 43 per cent of UK businesses used the public cloud, while 65 per cent are in their own private cloud. 31 per cent plumped for a hybrid model.

Looking to the future, half of respondents said they would be making big changes to their cloud platforms over the next year, driven by expansion, and a lack of satisfaction too. A quarter said that their current cloud supplier wouldn't be able to meet their demands in 12 months' time – and equally, only a quarter felt that their provider actually understood their exact requirements.

Stewart Smythe, CEO of Adapt, pointed out the downsides of the current scheme of multiple cloud suppliers in terms of understanding the needs of a business.

He said: "UK businesses are dealing with multiple suppliers in order to get a right-fit cloud strategy but there are two main outcomes from this process. Firstly, from a management point of view, dealing with multiple suppliers is an inefficient balancing-act. Secondly, each separate supplier is left with an incomplete picture of the customer and the platforms provided therefore do not align with the customer's long-term growth strategy."

"This is leading to businesses constantly striving for something that cannot be achieved and ultimately the feeling that they need to change providers."

Philip Carse, Principle Analyst at Megabuyte, added: "Providers that can bundle the most appropriate multi-provider services together under one contract, twinned with a real understanding of the customer's strategy, will be the providers to make significant progress in the market space."