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Gold coloured HTC One M8 is now on sale in UK

Do you prefer your smartphone with a touch of bling? If you were after an HTC One M8, but were waiting for the gold colour to emerge shining in the spring sunlight, then you need wait no longer.

The freshly released One M8 comes in three colours – silver, gun metal grey, and gold, but the latter wasn't actually out until now. The golden phone comes courtesy of Carphone Warehouse, which has the handset on sale in stores and online.

According to Trusted Reviews, a spokesperson for Carphone Warehouse said: "HTC's Amber Gold is a very tasteful colour option and fits the premium feel and unique metal design of the HTC One M8 perfectly."

Yes, the precise variant of the colour is "amber" gold, which makes it sound even more posh – and indeed the gold version of the M8 does actually look quite neat. Though let's face it, the M8 is such a well-crafted work of smartphone art that it would be difficult to take the wind out of its aesthetic sails.

Carphone Warehouse is flogging the M8 for £530 SIM-free, or contracts start from £38 per month (but that cheapest option does demand a £49 up-front fee for the phone itself). If you want the handset free, you'll be paying £42 per month.

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