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Mimecast brings cloud-based enterprise email to Mac for the first time

Mimecast’s cloud-based enterprise email service is now available to Mac users via a native app that gives users full access to the firm’s renowned cloud email security, archiving and continuity service.

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Mimecast for Mac lets users have secure access to email even when the primary service is down, enables Mac users to quickly search through archived messages, and gives a high level of management when it comes to spam emails.

“Macs are an increasingly important part of our customers’ total technology estate. IT teams are expected to manage complex environments that mix PCs, Macs and also multiple mobile devices. Securing data and providing a common user experience for email archive and continuity access across these environments can be a real headache. Now with our Mac app, users will get the same ease of use, features and security from our secure cloud email service, irrespective of the desktop environment they prefer,” stated Orlando Scott-Cowley, director of technology marketing at Mimecast.

IT administrators can provide Mimecast cloud email continuity and security policies to Mac users and manage Mac and Windows users from the same central Mimecast Administration Console.

In addition to email capabilities, Mimecast has included its Large File Send service as part of the package. Mimecast Large File Send lets users securely send and receive large files, and the service isn’t contingent on the recipient being a fellow Mimecast customer. Files being sent using this method remain protected and archived on the cloud service throughout the exchange process, adding an extra level of security for IT administrators.

The two services are available right away and will give Mac enterprise email users more piece of mind when using email.