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Scott Guthrie confirmed as new Microsoft Azure head honcho

Satya Nadella has announced the appointment of Scott Guthrie to fill the position of head of Microsoft's cloud and enterprise division Azure.

Guthrie has been "the driver behind the unprecedented growth of Microsoft Azure," according to Nadella in a company email to employees. He takes up the role of executive vice president just in time for Build 2014.

Since joining the company in 1997, Guthrie has made "critical contributions" to .NET and other Microsoft technologies, and has shown, according to Nadella, "incredible energy and insight into how we create the technology that other can build on."

Stephen Elop, who was rumoured to be another candidate considered for the role, will also be joining back up with Microsoft as the executive vice president of its Devices Group.

Nadella has also appointed 25-year veteran Phil Spencer to take on a new role in leading a combined Xbox and Xbox Live development team. Spencer was a one point head of Microsoft Studios, which helped push through major gaming franchises like Halo.

Microsoft also revealed three new features for Outlook Web App in Office 365 and announced that Azure has been used to discover a new 342,000 digit prime number, according to Cloud Pro.

Among the new updates is the 'clutter' feature which maps an employee's behaviours to automatically sort emails into categories of importance. If a worker ignores emails from a certain source they will be deemed as less important to ones they reply to.

Nadella himself was made Microsoft CEO in February, taking up the role after months of speculation as to who would fill Steve Ballmer's shoes.