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Amazon Fire TV: The reaction on Twitter

After months of speculation, Amazon finally unveiled the Fire TV yesterday, a set-top box that brings all your Amazon content – as well as a few competing apps – to the TV.

Launched at $99 (£59) in the US only for the moment, the Fire TV is going up against the Apple TV and Roku 3, which provide similar functionality at the same price point, though Amazon has some meatier gaming options – and a $40 (£24) optional game controller. The Google Chromecast and Roku Streaming Stick dongles, however, are still more affordable at $35 and $50 in the US, respectively (they're £30 and £50 over here).

So can Amazon compete with the likes of Apple and Google? It certainly hasn't shied away from competition in the tablet space with its Kindle Fire line-up, and Fire TV is another way to get customers tied into its eco-system of products – from downloadable movies and TV shows to streaming content via Prime.

Can the gaming component convince US buyers eyeing the Apple TV to give Fire TV a shot?

We perused Twitter shortly after Amazon's announcement to see what potential American buyers had to say. Check out their thoughts, and let us know what you think in the comments below.


Hunter is eager to cut the cord and say goodbye to cable, though not too many Americans are ready to join him.


Amazon talked up the gaming component of the Fire TV at a NYC launch event, including a $40 (£24) controller and partnerships with top studios. Amazon will also have its own titles.


Amazon might have to go back to the drawing board to entice the real gamers, though, according to Phil.


Mike also wants to see some more content options beyond Amazon's eco-system, Netflix, and Hulu Plus.


Kelly really doesn't want to add another gadget to her TV setup, and would prefer that Amazon release an app for Google's Chromecast dongle.


Amy, meanwhile, needs the Fire TV to hook up to HBO GO before she'd consider switching from the Chromecast.


As we've mentioned, for the moment, the Fire TV is US-only, leaving Canadian and UK users impatient for their chance to buy the set-top box.


Andy doesn't see how the Fire TV is any different from the devices we already have on the market.

(Also see our closer look at Amazon's Fire TV: A strong competitor for Apple TV, but nothing revolutionary).


But Red is having buyer's remorse over that Apple TV.


Seeing as how the Fire TV is Android-based (loosely, at least), it'll likely be a hacker's paradise.


Miah only wants the Fire TV if it doesn't have any connection to Amazon whatsoever.