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Mozilla CEO says views on gay marriage should be left at the door

Mozilla chief executive, Brendan Eich, believes that he is capable of separating his personal beliefs from his business life following revelations that he backed a ban on gay marriage.

Eich reportedly donated $1,000 (£603) in 2008 to support California's proposition 8. The news caused outrage from within and without Mozilla, with a number of employees demanding that he step down from his position.

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According to the New York Times, Eich has asked employees to leave their personal views at the door of the company and to focus on expanding Mozilla's figurehead browser FireFox.

Company meetings have been held by Mozilla and the CEO to give Eich a chance to defend his views and preach that the company practices an 'inclusiveness' that allows people of any background to work there.

"I do separate our beliefs from our mission," Mr. Eich said. "I have always lived by the principle of inclusiveness; if you can't leave your other stuff at the door you're going to break into other groups. We have to be one group."

Whether or not he will have to step down will be the board's responsibility, something with which Eich has confidence.

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"I serve at the pleasure of the board. I would have them ask me to step down," he said. "Until then I have to be CEO. 100 per cent."

His beliefs, Eich added, do not change the way he manages the company or how he treats those who work under him. When asked if he still supported the ban on gay marriage however, Eich refused to comment directly.