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Production issues could mar Apple's rumoured iPhone phablet release

More reports about larger iPhones are making the rounds, though a new report suggests that Apple is having some problems with the currently non-existent 5.5in model.

Reuters on Tuesday, citing anonymous supply chain sources, reported that a 4.7in iPhone will be produced in the coming months, while the 5.5in model could be held up thanks to a production issue involving the in-cell technology for the larger screens. Apple's in-cell screen technology, first introduced with the iPhone 5, combines the display and touch sensors into a single component, allowing for a more slender handset.

Reuters said Apple suppliers are gearing up to begin producing the screens for the 4.7in model as early as May, a few months before the phone's expected arrival this fall. Production of the 5.5in screens will start in June, and Apple may use a film sensor for the larger model instead of in-cell technology. Japan Display, Sharp, and LG will handle production.

This is not the first time Apple has run into problems with in-cell technology. The company's decision to use the thinner, lighter touchscreen reportedly contributed to an iPhone 5 backlog back in 2012 that kept many users waiting three to four weeks for their device.

Meanwhile, reports about larger iPhones have been making the rounds for ages with Bloomberg tipping 4.7- and 5.5in devices in November and Japan's Nikkei Asian Review reiterating the rumor last month. If true, the new 4.7in and 5.5in screens will dwarf the current 4in Retina display iPhone 5S.