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Today’s Tech: The hardware of Amazon’s new Fire TV box, WhatsApp’s latest system outage and Microsoft reveals its answer to Siri

Amazon proves size doesn't matter

After Amazon's FireTV was unveiled yesterday, currently being sold in the US for $99, a closer inspection of the hardware shows that it's not the size that's important; it's how you use it. In line with other popular media streamers, the box is as thin and as small as possible, measuring in at a lean 18mm thick and roughly being the size of two packs of playing cards placed side by side.

External features include HDMI, Ethernet and USB ports but it remains to be seen whether this new system ends up being the King, or just another joker in the pack.

WhatsAppening now?

For the second time in just over two months, Facebook's recently acquired messaging app, Whatsapp, appears to be experiencing a major system outage.

Although this outage is yet to be officially confirmed, problems began to be reported on Wednesday afternoon, with Twitter user's reporting a slow or non-existent service. This news comes after the first outage occurred on 22 February, lasting approximately 3.5 hours, just days after Facebook's mammoth $16 billion purchase of the popular app.

This popularity was highlighted on Tuesday with news that the 64 billion messages processed that day was a new record, raising the bar from the app's previous best, which had stood at a paltry 54 billion.

Who you gonna call? Cortana!

No it's not the name of your new ghost removal service, it's actually Microsoft's newly unveiled virtual assistant for Windows Phones.

Although this announcement was a long time coming, experts state that this time was well spent fine-tuning Cortana's responses, meaning its believed that the system will be able to understand a good deal more than its rival voice-powered services on iOS and Android.

Although a demonstration at Microsoft's Build Conference contained some slightly misinterpreted voice requests, neat tricks such as its ability to suggest results based on the user's location and previous usage revealed what a clever piece of programming it is.

She (yes, she) won't be available in the UK until the second half of 2014, so it'll be a bit longer before we find out whether she's worth the wait.