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Mobile app of the day: Dollarbird

If you need to keep track of your spending, you'll know how tricky it can be. A receipt here, payment without a receipt there, jotting things down on odd scraps of paper and then losing them, sending yourself little reminders of spending by email – it can all become just too complicated.

However, it all becomes so much easier if you can enter information into an app while you are out and about. There are plenty of apps that can help manage your personal finances, but Dollarbird deserves a shout-out because it is an example of an app that's really simple to use and offers plenty of reporting and analysis options. It is completely free too, which has to be a boon if you are watching the pennies.

You can use Dollarbird as easily to track work expenses as you can to keep an eye on all your spending across the board. It'll handle regular expenditure and income like rent and your salary, and because the whole thing is calendar-based it is really quick and easy to enter information and to see what your peak spending times of the week or month are.

Click here to download Dollarbird for Android, or here for iOS.

Product: Dollarbird

OS: Android, iOS

Price: Free