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New USB cable design unveiled, can’t be plugged in the wrong way

A design for a new type of USB connector has been shown off, and it's one that will put an end to all your USB worries.

USB worries, you say? Alright, maybe you don't spend sleepless nights having bad dreams about USB disasters, but there is one thing that's almost guaranteed to go wrong when you plug a USB cable in – you'll have the darn thing the wrong way up, and it won't fit. As sure as a piece of toast will land butter-side down on your kitchen floor (optionally in a clump of dog hair).

The great thing about the new USB Type-C standard is that it's orientation agnostic when it comes to slotting it in – or to put it another way, it's symmetrical, and you can plug it in either way up.

It's also smaller than existing USB connectors, and the idea is that it will replace both USB and microUSB with one single standard in the future. Of course, that means it won't fit existing USB ports on PCs across the land...

The Verge notes that the cable is about the same size as Apple's Lightning cable (which is also reversible), and will support USB 3.1 for up to 10Gbps data transfer speeds – though the exact full spec is still a work in progress, as is the design. However, the cable should look pretty much like what you see above.

The spec should be finalised come July.

Image Credit: The Verge