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Motorola’s next flagship phone, the Moto X +1, is due soon

Motorola might have been flogged off to Lenovo by Google, but of course it's business as usual for the firm right now, with it seemingly being ready to pop out a new flagship Android handset.

And this will be a follow up to the Moto X – which will be called... wait for it... (no idea why we're trying to drum up suspense seeing as you've seen the name in the article title already, but...) – it's the Moto X +1.

Not a great name, in our humble opinion. What was wrong with the Moto X2, for example?

Anyhow, name aside, the Moto X successor is apparently due to be revealed shortly, according to @evleaks (via Trusted Reviews), which tweeted: "Motorola Moto X + 1: coming soon."

Short, sweet, and a post that's certainly made a few folks step back from pulling the trigger on a new phone until the specs for this effort are revealed – which will presumably be in the very near future. Current rumours place the device with a 4.7in 720p screen and a 1.7GHz dual-core processor.

The Moto X was late in coming to the UK, but the Moto G arrived in a timely fashion and caused quite a stir, helping Motorola rack up a 6 per cent market share in smartphones in this country (from next to nothing before the Moto G). Folks will perhaps be more interested to hear about a G +1 (though that sounds a bit like the official phone of Google's social network – but then, the G2 is already taken by LG... so maybe that's why we have the X +1).