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Public sector lost in the cloud: Knowledge gap threatens service adoption

A gap in knowledge about the cloud is threatening to damage the rate of cloud service adoption in the public sector, according to research conducted by Eduserv.

In the service provider's survey, three-quarters of civil servants admitted that they were unaware of the benefits of using cloud technology. 88 per cent of civil servants also said that they would need additional training to properly understand how the cloud would be relevant to them.

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"Cloud services have the potential to be revolutionary for the public sector and G-Cloud is a framework specifically intended to make sourcing these services simple," Campbell Williams, the group strategy provider at Six Degrees Group, told Cloud Pro.

"However it's clearly not doing its job for a huge number of councils and local authorities in the UK, which could otherwise be benefiting from the expenditure savings, innovations, agility and security of cloud computing," he added.

Eduserv warned that the shortage of knowledge in the public sector far outweighs any security or procurement concerns that Whitehall might have.

"The government is in a position where the technology and tools are available to improve efficiency and performance but it needs to take action," said director of government services Andrew Haskins.

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"A broad understanding of what, why and how cloud can support the delivery of government business is vital if cloud projects are to be prioritised and supported within government departments."