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Samsung Galaxy S5 Zoom specs leaked, reveals incredible camera

The Galaxy S4 has its follow-up, the Galaxy S5; it's only fitting that the Galaxy S4 Zoom have its own similarly branded follow-up — even though pundits didn't think Samsung would make a successor, given the strength of the 16-megapixel camera packed into the Galaxy S5. That camera, to note, matches the number of supported megapixels in said Galaxy S4 Zoom, which was itself a three-megapixel upgrade from the Galaxy S4.

Got it? Let's continue.

According to a report from SamMobile, the Galaxy S5 Zoom is expected to feature a 20.2-megapixel camera (5,184-by-3,888 resolution) with optical image stabilisation. The device's front-facing camera should clock in at 2.1-megapixels, matching that of the Galaxy S5 (naturally).

The display on the Galaxy S5 Zoom is expected to come in a bit smaller than the Galaxy S5, at 4.7 inches to 5.1. That also drops the resolution of the former to a mere 1280 x 720, not the 1920 x 1080 screen found on the S5. Those following Samsung's "Zoom" line of smartphones shouldn't be too surprised, however, since the Galaxy S4 came with a screen size roughly 16 per cent larger than that of the Galaxy S4 Zoom (5 inches versus 4.3).

One area where the Galaxy S5 Zoom doesn't appear to be taking second place is its processor. Allegedly, the smartphone will run a six-core Samsung Exynos 5 Hexa (5260). That's a smidge different than the (mere) quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 found in the S5, though the latter does run at a speedy 2.5 Ghz compared to the combination of two 1.7 ARM Cortex A15 core at 1.7 GHz and four Cortex A7 cores running at 1.3 Ghz rumoured to be in the Galaxy S5 Zoom.

You read that right – six cores, but slightly different speeds in an effort to achieve a harmonious balance between performance and power-savings. Although it's a bit too early to call it for one device over the other, SamMobile notes that super-early Antutu benchmark scores put the general performance of the Galaxy S5 Zoom quite a bit above both the HTC One and Samsung Galaxy S4. Unfortunately, the site doesn't appear to have benchmarks for the Galaxy S5 on hand, so we can't make the (obvious) direct comparison.

As for other stats, the smartphone will run Android 4.4.2 KitKat, support wireless-ac connectivity (unclear on how many spatial streams at the moment, though we're willing to bet that it's two), 10x optical zoom for its fancy camera, and a MicroSD slot for storing all the huge images you'll be taking.

And if you want to see an alleged picture of what the Galaxy S5 Zoom might look like, SamMobile also has you covered! Spoiler: You could have probably just used your imagination on this one. monitors all leading technology stories and rounds them up to help you save time hunting them down.