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Slide shown in court hints at large-screened iPhone 6

We've been hearing rumours about an iPhone (or two) with a larger screen in the pipeline for some time now, but the latest hint that such a device (or devices) may be on the cards has emerged during court proceedings.

Specifically, this is the battle between Samsung and Apple, a long-running affair which was recently reignited by Apple claiming compensation for damages of $2 billion (£1.2 billion) off Samsung.

According to TechRadar, a slide shown in the court session came from one of Cupertino's secret meetings regarding the next iPhone, and it was entitled: "Consumers want what we don't have." It talked about the growth in cheaper budget smartphones, and popularity of larger-screened devices, with much bigger displays now on offer compared to the 4in iPhone.

So Apple clearly recognises there's an issue here, and this adds a touch more weight to the plentiful rumours of a 4.7in iPhone, and also a phablet-sized 5.5in model. (The rumour mill has previously noted that display production difficulties could delay the latter model – but all of this is still speculation, of course).

What's also interesting here is the recognition of the importance of the budget market. Apple's attempt at a cheaper model was woefully over-pitched in the iPhone 5C, although this has at least been reduced to £429 with the introduction of an 8GB model. Cupertino still needs to do better than that, although the whole budget thing is rather at odds with Apple's premium tech image.