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Apple terrified of Samsung, reveals email evidence in court

Documents revealed during a cross-examination by Samsung in its patent battle with Apple show how members of the latter's sales force were worried about the rise of their rival.

Executive at Apple. Phil Schiller, sent an email claiming that Samsung was "nailing it" when it came to the rivalry between the two firms.

The email, sent to Apple's ad agency, has been released as evidence during the ongoing patent trials the two companies are engaged in, before being picked up by ReCode.

Schiller compared rivals Samsung to an athlete "in the zone" after watching their pre-Super Bowl ad, adding that it just couldn't miss while Apple struggled for a "compelling brief" with iPhone.

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Other emails have come to light recently during the Apple-Samsung court wars, including a statement from Steve Jobs before his death that his company should wage a "Holy War with Google" as reported by The Verge.

Another email presented to jurors showed a member of Apple's sales team writing that Google's Android devices were improving at a rapid rate:

"Competitors have drastically improved their hardware and in some cases their ecosystems," the email read, part of preparations for a 2014 fiscal offsite meeting.

Apple too, it was revealed, was so disappointed by the company's advertising campaigns in 2013 that it considered replacing the agency that has handled its adverts since 1997.