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New mobile charger will power up your phone in 30 seconds

Finding the time to charge your phone on the go can be just as frustrating as watching your battery drain. But Israeli company Store Dot has a solution.

The startup's bio-organic technology claims to charge your mobile device in 30 seconds or less.

But don't start reaching for your credit card just yet. Still a prototype, Store Dot doesn't expect to begin selling the charger for another couple of years. And, as TechCrunch pointed out, it's not yet a full capacity battery, nor is it remotely small enough to fit inside a handset.

Store Dot, however, will spend the next three years to make those improvements.

According to founder and CEO Dr Doron Myersdorf, the company is about a year away from a functional prototype embedded inside mobile devices. Within two, they will have reached the required energy density for the entire day.

"So we are talking about three years for a commercial ready device," Myersdorf told TechCrunch. "So I assume it will be three years before you can actually purchase it on the market."

The current prototype—a clunky battery pack attached to a smartphone (see video below)—is on display at Tel Aviv's Think Next symposium this week.

Initially, the company tested its nano-crystals in memory chips and an image sensor, TechCrunch reported, but moved on to the ever-important market of cell phone battery charging.

Store Dot is also looking into developing cadmium-free displays, which provide a non-toxic alternative, serving as the first ever bio-organic display, according to Myersdorf.