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"Livestream" events with new Google Glass app

Friends missing a concert? Sister can't make it to your baby shower? Just strap on a pair of Google Glass and livestream the event.

Livestream today launched its first piece of Glass software: Just a tap of the headset and a simple "OK Glass, Livestream" voice command will put online viewers in your shoes.

To get started, download the installer, pair it with a Livestream event via QR code, and tap the device to go live.

"The possibilities of Livestream for Glass are endless," CEO Max Haot said in a statement. "From a reporter covering a protest, to an athlete competing in a sports arena, we believe that Glass will be instrumental in democratizing the future of live video streaming."

Now available on iOS, Android, and Glass, the Livestream platform is infiltrating the mobile community, perfect for citizen journalism, news coverage, sporting events, concerts, and more.

The service isn't just for amateurs, though. The app can also be used as an HD wireless camera input for multi-camera live event coverage.

Livestream's Studio production switcher software and hardware allows for the video output from Glass to be displayed in high-definition on screens in venues, stadiums, or even your own home, while simultaneously being played over the Web.

"Imagine incorporating the vantage point of a professional football player in action or a singer at a live concert into a high-end live TV production," head of global productions and services Corey Behnke said. "We believe that with Livestream Glass, we can disrupt the way audiences and creators produce live events."

Of course, Livestream isn't the first to offer this sort of feature for Google Glass; the search giant already allows similar streaming through its own branded Hangouts app.