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Mobile app of the day: Cast Store for Chromecast

Google's Chromecast has just been released in the UK, and it's causing quite a stir. Plug it into your TV, register it on your wireless network, and you can "cast" content from apps to the TV screen. Obvious applications for the Chromecast include streaming iPlayer for those who don't have access to it by other means, for example, but there's plenty more you can do with this device – and there are already lots of apps that support Chromecast. And note that this isn't just for Android – iPhone users can also cast content.

Chromecast has lots of potential for businesses – allowing you to share information to the big screen of a TV with ease (see: How to use Google Chromecast at work). But how do you find out about all the apps that are available? Well, I'm using Cast Store for Chromecast, a free app that as I write lists more than 120 compatible apps on my Android handset, and links to the Play store so I can download them easily.

The apps are categorised, and those categories include education, entertainment, lifestyle, media and video, music and audio, news and magazines, personalisation, photography, productivity, tools and weather. Oh, and comics. If you have a Chromecast, then Cast Store for Chromecast is a must-have app.

Click here to download Cast Store for Chromecast for Android.

Product: Cast Store for Chromecast

OS: Android

Price: Free