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Chromecast ready to add weather forecasts and personal photos to home screen

Weather forecasts and personal photos could soon sit side-by-side on Chromecast’s home screen as Google is reportedly pushing to get additional content on the streaming stick’s home screen.

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GigaOm reports that a Reddit user uncovered mentions of weather forecasts in the HTML source code of Chromecast’s homescreen and it strongly suggests that they will be a featured on the service in the near future.

The code shows that a one-day forecast for the location of the streaming stick will be shown as well as the current conditions for the place in question. Some of the icons that will be used to display the weather conditions include different types of clothing to define the conditions such as a coat or umbrella for inclement conditions and sunglasses for when it is warmer.

Further investigation of the Javascript code used to render the service’s home screen revealed that Google is also experimenting with other topics that could get an airing on the home screen, including personal photos.

“We’re always experimenting with new features, but have nothing new to announce,” Google told GigaOm when asked of its plans to add weather forecasts to Chromecast’s home screen.

Chromecast, which has been out in the US since last year, was eventually released in the UK last month and allows users to wirelessly stream content from a laptop, smartphone or tablet to an HDTV for the affordable price of £30.

It’s debut in the US triggered off a number of other releases from its competitors with Sony’s Bravia Smart Stick and the acclaimed Roku Streaming Stick both released to try and take advantage of the thirst for discreet wireless streaming devices.

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Google may choose to make further inroads into the living room TV space with the latest rumours suggesting that Android TV is far along in its development to kick off a challenge to the likes of Apple TV and Amazon’s Fire TV.