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Facebook pulls "soldiers should be murdered" page

A Facebook page named "Soldiers deserved to be raped and murdered" has been taken down because the account holder's details were fake, not because of the group's content.

The page, created in July 2013, asked visitors to support it in "weeding out and eliminating this worthless breed of cowardice." Despite this Facebook deemed that the threat of the groups title alone did not warrant its removal.

Facebook's guidelines state that content will be removed when the company perceives a "genuine risk of physical harm" or credible threats of violence.

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"Sometimes there is content on Facebook that expresses angry and unpleasant ideas but doesn't directly target anyone," a spokesman said.

"On investigating this particular page administrator, we found they were using a fake account and we removed it."

One of the many sources of ire regarding the groups existence had come from the Facebook page for the Royal Marine Commandos, whose administrator complained to Facebook multiple times.

"You've got to show respect for the men and women who have fought and died for others to hold their own opinions," Stef Proietti told the BBC.

"[these pages] create more tension, not just among the social network's community but it also spills out into real life."

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However, this issue spreads further than the UK. First amendment rights in the United States, granting the right to free speech, are deeply respected by Silicon Valley companies.

"I think Facebook will stick to this kind of approach as long as it can," said Dr. Joss Wright, speaking to the BBC.

"It doesn't want to be put in a position where it's expected it will police its content because that could then turn into a requirement that is forced upon it."