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Mobile app of the day: Race for Life

Yours truly is one of a very small band who took part in the first ever Race for Life and I had no idea what it would become. It is an amazing phenomenon, arguably playing a key role in the development of women's running and raising millions of pounds for cancer research.

This year sees the debut of an app to help you organise and keep track of your fundraising efforts. The app even provides a simple way to share your JustTextGiving code, so you can badger all your friends, family and work colleagues who have not yet agreed to sponsor you.

I have a couple of issues with the Race for Life app. First, it doesn't really help you with your fitness training – though as there are plenty of apps which do that already, I'm going to let that go. Second, it can only sign in to JustGiving pages that have been created on the Race for Life website. If you've created your own JustGiving page separately the app can't sign in. That's not very user friendly, in my opinion.

Still, the Race for Life itself is fantastic. Get involved, do your bit, and raise some cash, ladies.

Click here to download Race for Life for iOS, or here for Android.

Product: Race for Life

OS: iOS, Android

Price: Free