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Protesters hit back at "Women Who Eat On Tubes" Facebook group

People are taking a stand against the "Women Who Eat On Tubes" (WWEOT) Facebook group, which has drawn infamy for posting pictures of women eating on the London Underground.

Members of the group are challenged to secretly take pictures of women on the train as they eat their lunch. The group, which at the time of writing has 20,336 members, has been criticised as sexist and sinister.

Now two separate Facebook events have been organised, calling on women to eat on the Tube in protest of WWEOT. One, named "Women Eating on the Tube: Circle Line Lunch Party" has set 14 April as its start date.

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The founder of the protest group told The Telegraph: "I thought the best thing was to get the power. This is about turning it around and getting the power and putting the joke on the lads posting on the page."

"You can't argue that women who get on the tube feel intimidated to eat on the tube, directly because of the page and that's a problem and no one can argue that."

Others are fighting back at WWEOT by subverting its methods. "Men Who Post On Women Who Eat On Tubes" (MWPOWWEOT) asks users to find and post photographs of the men who frequently add to the original.

However, some members of WWEOT have posted pictures of themselves on the reactionary group to defeat the purpose.

The creator of "Men Who Post", going by the persona of Mimi Kempton-Stewart, has answered critics by stating that both are "merely a bit of lighthearted banterousness to which feminism has no right to critique".

"May we remind you that, as has been pointed out by several men on this page, both WWEOT & MWPOWWEOT are observational art projects."

The question of why it has to be "Women Who Eat on Tubes" and not "People Who Eat On Tubes" however, still remains.

Do you think it's light-hearted fun or a voyeuristic invasion of privacy? Let us know by answering our poll or writing in the comment section below.