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Samsung Galaxy S5 gets run over by SUV, display doesn’t crack

Thinking of buying a new Galaxy S5 on Friday? Perhaps you're somewhat on the fence, still? Well, here's an interesting snippet concerning the durability of the handset, which might weigh in on your purchasing decision.

As you probably know, the S5 is rated IP67 dust and water-resistant, which means that it can survive in water up to a depth of one metre, and dust to a depth of... well, very dusty indeed (think ancient crypts lost in the depths of the world for centuries – though you might not get a signal down there).

Anyhow, as well as achieving IP67 Samsung will obviously have performed other durability testing on the phone, but there's nothing like some good third-party evidence, which TechSmartt (via has provided in the form of its own drop tests of the old S4 versus the incoming S5 – and some slightly more severe experiments.

Both phones did fine on waist and head-high drops, with just minor scratching appearing on the side. In the above head-height drop, however, the S4's rear camera cracked, though the display was fine.

The finale is the S5 being run over by an SUV – and the display survives being driven over by the front and then the rear wheel of the vehicle. At this point, the camera has cracked – but the screen staying defiantly intact is very impressive to say the least. Check out the video below...

Its body might be plastic and not metal, but the Galaxy S5 is sure tough enough.