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4 neat but hidden features of the Samsung Galaxy S5

The Samsung Galaxy S5 looks simpler than last year's S4, but looks are deceiving. While this year's Galaxy model has fewer obvious software options than last year's handset, there are more than enough hidden settings, features, and exclusive downloadable software to keep you busy for months.

I visited Samsung's S5 design team in Seoul to get a deep look at what makes the S5 tick. Beyond the water resistance, the pedometer, and the fast autofocus, they demoed several features that really entertained me. Hopefully, these four features I've picked out will come in handy on your Galaxy S5, too.

While you're here, you might also want to take a tour of Samsung's Galaxy S5 production line.

Use a pencil as a stylus

The Galaxy S5's stylus support isn't bad at all. There's still a tiny bit of lag, but precision is surprisingly good.

For a real wow moment, though, just whip out a sharp pencil and draw on the screen with it. It doesn't scratch the screen, and it works just fine as a stylus.

Change the colour temperature

The Galaxy S5's usual video mode ("Adapt" or "Dynamic") has slightly bluish whites and very intensely saturated colours, typical of an AMOLED screen. That's fine for most people, but if you're really picky, go into Settings > Display > Screen Mode and change to "Professional Photo."

That mode offers truer whites in exchange for reducing the intensity of some colours – most notably, in my eyes, green.

Hide your naked selfies

We're all adults here, and we can admit that sometimes adults take adult photos of our adult selves (or, on a less titillating note, sensitive documents like passports). You can password-protect any set of images on your Galaxy S5. Go to Settings > Private Mode, set up a password and turn it on.

Then go to your Gallery, long-press on an image, hit the menu button at the upper right and choose "Move to Private." Now go back to Settings > Private Mode and turn it off; your photo will disappear until you enter the password and turn Private Mode on again.

Turn your phone into a gaming console

Who needs the Nvidia Shield? The optional S Console add-on is a gamepad that works with downloadable software to give your phone a console gaming mode. A bracket extends from the top of the gamepad and snaps around your phone; download the S Console software to find gamepad-compatible games that will appear on a special menu.

Samsung sells 49 compatible games through its Samsung Apps store, including Asphalt 8, Need for Speed: Most Wanted, and Dungeon Hunter 4.