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Gadget Show Live 2014: Meet Balluga, the world's first Internet connected bed

If the princess threw a temper tantrum when a single pea was placed under her mattress, she'd likely blow her proverbial gasket at the amount of tech packed into a single Balluga mattress.

Joe Katan is a UK inventor and the creator of the world's first smart interactive bed. Constructed from small foam air balls that contour to fit the sleeper's body, it offers among other things a vibrating massage setting, temperature control system and Wi-Fi connectivity meaning it can sync to entertainment systems and log valuable biometric data.

"We can monitor on the bed every area that you sleep on, and there's an algorithm that runs through." Katan told us. "It highlights stress points where there's more weight and less weight and adjusts so there's almost zero resistance."

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With the world buzzing about the rise of the Internet of Things, the mattress is another piece in the connected home puzzle where our houses are networked with multiple services and devices.

Intruiged, we caught up with Katan at the Gadget Show Live in Birmingham's NEC. Check out the video above to find out more about how the Balluga bed came about, what it can do and why everyone's talking about it.