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Halfords wheels in Fujitsu to tackle its IT needs

Fujitsu has announced a three-year contract with Halfords, to provide IT maintenance and support to 465 stores across the UK & Ireland.

Halfords chose the Fujitsu from a range of competing companies.

The move comes as part of a much needed company-wide update that aims to transform the bike retailer's IT business in line with its people and processes.

"Providing a strong IT maintenance service to our colleagues in store enables them to deliver great service to our customers," said Anna Barsby, CIO, Halfords. She also hinted at other potential opportunities that could arise from the partnership.

"Beyond this contract, we're talking to Fujitsu about a number of future projects and are looking forward to welcoming them on board as one of our strategic partners."

Paul Patterson, executive director for Fujitsu UK said how "this is a really exciting time to work with Halfords as it transforms its approach to IT,"

"The next few years isn't simply about maintaining the organisation's IT, but also about working together to identify new technologies that can ensure that Halfords IT platform will facilitate sustainable long-term growth."

The Fujitsu partnership comes alongside Halfords' "Getting into Gear 2016" plan, which aims to provide an enhanced customer experience and a 21st century infrastructure for the company.

It's uncertain whether Fujitsu's haptic sensory tablet, as unveiled at MWC, will be part of the deal.

Image: Flickr (drpavloff)