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Intel debuts first Education hybrid for use in the classroom and beyond

Intel is hoping to trigger a classroom revolution with a new two-in-one hybrid computer that brings the flexibility and durability of a rugged machine into the education sector.

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The Intel Education 2 in 1 is the firm’s first two-in-one for the education sector and is a full-fledged laptop that can be reconfigured to become a tablet with just a moment’s notice.

“As a result of our work with educators around the world, Intel understands the need for engaging, student-centred learning in order to drive student success in school and beyond,” said John Galvin, vice president of the Sales and Marketing Group at Intel and general manager of Intel Education. “With our new Intel Education 2 in 1, students have a tablet when they want it and a laptop when they need it. This gives educators the flexibility to create a more interactive, collaborative learning experience for their students.”

It has an Intel Atom Z3740D quad-core processor, runs on Microsoft Windows 8.1 and has 7.8 hours of battery lift as a tablet and an optional three-plus hours of battery life when docked, as well as both front and rear cameras.

The device has been built with durability in mind and as such can withstand drops of 70 cm1 and is both water and dust resistant, meaning that it is being pitched as an ideal device to take on field trips.

There are a handful of helpful add-ons that include a snap-on magnification lens and a temperature probe that work in conjunction with Intel’s Education Software suite to give teachers and students a high level of diverse learning materials.

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It also comes McAfee Antivirus Plus to ensure that devices are safe online and that no learning or teaching time is lost, to further back up confidence in Intel’s education credentials.