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Mobile app of the day: Pathfinder

GPS is a remarkable thing and it helps your handset do some really useful stuff. The ability to track you as you travel around, mapping out your route, making distance and time taken calculations, showing where you are now, where you want to be, and working out the best way to get between the two – it's all invaluable info.

Pathfinder has an interesting take on the whole GPS thing – it is relatively uncomplicated but adds a new twist to route tracking. Yes, it plots your trail on a map. Yes, it works out how fast you are going and how far you have travelled. And yes, you can use it driving and walking. Oh, and if you leave the car or bike off somewhere, or spot a place you want to return to for afternoon tea while exploring a new town, or need to remember the location of a bus stop, or whatever – you can just save those places.

But its real utility is that Pathfinder will remember routes. So, if you've had to do a long trek on foot from A to B, and then want to retrace your steps from B to A, it's easy. If you have found a fab route along a tourist trail and want to come back to it in two months' time, just save it.

Click here to download Pathfinder for Android.

Product: Pathfinder

OS: Android

Price: Free