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UK office workers faced with daily onslaught of phishing emails

This article was originally published on Technology.Info.
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UK office workers are bombarded with phishing emails with the majority seeing as many as ten attacks hitting their inboxes every day, according to a new survey from PhishMe.

The survey was conducted by One Poll and looked at the attitudes of 1,000 UK office workers towards phishing attacks. The findings of the study revealed that over a third are seeing more phishing emails today than they were a year ago and that 16 percent of office workers claim to have already fallen victim to a phishing attack.

In response to the findings, Rohyt Belani, the CEO of PhishMe, said: “These figures highlight exactly how big a problem phishing and malware attacks are to UK organisations. Spear-phishing emails are contextual, focus on triggering an emotional response, and target specific groups, which makes them very difficult to spot.”

“Today, threat actors will undertake extensive research into their targets to make their emails appear genuine and increase the chance of a recipient taking action. Over the last year we have seen a significant increase in the sophistication of phishing emails; attackers even emulate conversations via email to build confidence with the potential victim before launching the attack. Organisations must enhance their security defences with a continuous programme where they train their staff how to recognise and report phishing emails in a timely manner,” continued Rohyt.