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Mobile app of the day: Readly

Have you ever taken out a magazine subscription thinking you'll read every issue cover to cover, then discovered that some months you don't even take your mag out of its packaging? If yes, then Readly might appeal. The subscription of £9.99 per month gives you access to every magazine in the Readly catalogue, and you can share access across five devices – that includes smartphones, tablets and PCs. The app can synchronise bookmarks between devices, so you can start on your phone and finish reading later on your tablet.

The Readly catalogue includes both current and back issues, and there are more than 400 magazines in the catalogue right now, with over three and a half thousand magazine issues. The range covers hobbies, household, craft, sports, comics, TV guides and more.

It is probably easiest to browse the titles on offer at, to see if your particular favourite mags are included. And if after looking you still aren't sure Readly is for you, there's a two week try-before-you-buy period.

Click here to download Readly for Android, or here for iOS.

Product: Readly

OS: Android, iOS

Price: £9.99/month