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Prototype battery can charge your phone in just 30 seconds

Israeli startup StoreDot has revealed a battery that can be charged in under 30 seconds.

Showcased at Microsoft's "Think Next" conference in Tel Aviv, a Samsung S4 was charged from dead to full battery in just 26 seconds.

For this incredible charge rate to happen, however, a battery pack the size of a cigarette box had to be attached to the back of the smartphone.

Yet developers of the tech believe that they can downsize the pack to fit in cases in just one year and have a commercial version ready in three years.

The battery uses self-assembling nano-crystals that had first been seen during Alzheimer's research performed at Tel Aviv University 10 years ago. The crystals are composed of peptide molecules and measure around 2.1 nanometres in size.

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"Batteries are just one of the industries we can disrupt with this new material. It is new physics, new chemistry, a new approach to devices," Dr Dorn Mysersdorf told the BBC.

Despite their complexity, the new crystals are relatively easy to form and implement.

"It is about letting nature take its course. We just need a facility that can do chemical processing," Mysersdorf added.

The crystals have also been used in memory chips and as a non-toxic alternative to cadmium in monitor screens.

The batteries will likely be 30 to 40 per cent more expensive to manufacture than traditional packs and, as a result, probably cost around twice as much on the shelves.