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Samsung 55in and 65in UHD Curved TVs go on sale 14 April

Samsung has announced that its 55in and 65in HU8500 UHD Curved TVs will be available in the UK on 14 April, next Monday.

These big-resolution LED backlit monsters will offer upscaling of Blu-rays and HD content, a smart TV experience powered by a Quad Core Plus processor (twice as fast as the Quad Core model), and the sets will be upgradable via Samsung's UHD Evolution Kit.

So why a curved TV? The idea is that the curve of the display makes for a more immersive viewing experience, as the screen is curved in towards the viewer. The other argument, which we've heard before with curved smartphones, is that it deals better with light shining on the screen. Sunlight is often the enemy of the living room TV during the day, and the curve means less light hitting the screen, and therefore not so many troubling reflections.

Samsung also has added tech in the form of an auto-depth enhancer, which intelligently adjusts contrast and brightness across the image to generate a greater sense of depth with the picture.

Again, that should add to the overall immersive nature of the screen – that's certainly the theory – and a 65in display won't hurt in that regard, either.

For more details on all this, check out our video of the TV being shown off at the Gadget Show:

These TVs will be available at selected outlets who will price them up themselves, but from what we can see online right now, the 55in model is pitched at £2,700, and the 65in model at £4,000.