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Sony fires off warning to 25,000 Vaio customers over steaming-hot battery packs

Sony has told customers to stop using a model of its Vaio computer due to the risk that the battery could catch fire and cause the laptop housing to melt.

A statement from the company confirmed that the Vaio Fit 11A, which it has shipped 25,905 units in 52 countries since its launch, caught fire on three separate occasions.

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The battery pack involved is manufactured by Panasonic and the issue only affects one version of the popular line of laptops that has the product name SVF11N1XXXX.

So far the customers involved are simply being advised to stop using the device immediately and to shut down and unplug the computer right away if it is still being used.

Sony has had problems in the past with laptop batteries and was on the other side of the fence when thousands of its batteries were branded a fire hazard in October 2008.

Over 100,000 batteries assembled by its Sony Energy Devices Corp were recalled and it concerned huge numbers of laptops manufactured by HP, Toshiba, Acer, Dell, and Lenovo.

The Vaio range has also been affected by overheating batteries before and it had to recall 73,000 TZ-Series Vaio laptops after a customer was burnt by one, and an earlier recall of 10 million battery packs in 2006 cost the firm £360 million.

The company added that it will be rolling out a scheme to repair or replace the computers and if that fails the purchase price of the laptop will be refunded. Details of this will be released in the next two weeks and until then consumers will have to keep the devices switched off.